Mobile app for a private school


Our team was entrusted with the development of an all-inclusive mobile application for "Podsolnuh," an innovative private school in Russia. The goal was to simplify school operations and foster improved communication among teachers, parents, and students.


1.Administrator Dashboard: The application features a robust administrative module, enabling school administrators to manage the school community effectively. They can add new teachers, students, and parents to the platform, schedule classes, post latest news and upcoming events to the school's feed, and engage with parents through a direct chat feature.

2.Teacher Tools: The app comes equipped with features specifically designed for teachers. They can assign homework to students, track its completion, and utilize a customizable child progress tracking system to monitor and report on student performance. Additionally, teachers can view their schedules and keep in constant contact with parents through the chat functionality.

 3.Parent Portal: Parents can access vital information at their fingertips. They can view their children's schedules, homework assignments, and academic progress. Additionally, they can stay up-to-date with school events via the news feed, and communicate directly with teachers and administrators through the built-in chat system.

4.Student Interface: The app isn't just for adults; students also have a tailored space where they can view their schedules, track assigned homework, and keep a check on their academic progress.

Overall, this mobile app serves as a comprehensive digital platform that enhances administrative efficiency and nurtures transparent and collaborative relationships between teachers, parents, and students.

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