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We proudly present Plentee, a specialized application designed to foster community growth within UK church congregations. It was envisioned as a tool to alleviate administrative burdens and promote effective interaction among the church community.


1. Event Creation & Participation: The application allows members to create and participate in various events, thereby facilitating active engagement within the community.

2. Communication Tools: The inclusion of group and direct chats provides users with a platform to connect and converse with each other. This facilitates a robust dialogue and strengthens bonds within the community.

3. Profiles & Church Pages: Users can maintain personal profiles and browse church pages, which further adds to the sense of community and belonging within the church congregation.

4. Newsfeed & Meetups: A dynamically updated newsfeed keeps users informed about upcoming meetups and events. With diverse filter options, users can easily find meetups that align with their interests.

5. Administrator & Church Admin Dashboards: The application features an intuitive dashboard for both app administrators and church administrators. These dashboards streamline user approval, event management, and provide valuable statistics to help track the growth and engagement of the community.

In essence, Plentee serves as a digital platform that enhances communication and simplifies administrative processes within the church community. It was built with a vision to empower churches to grow more effectively and foster a tight-knit Christian community.

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