A multifunctional platform for a chain of kindergartens and schools


Playschool is a multifunctional platform crafted for a prominent Russian chain of kindergartens and schools, utilized by thousands of users. This platform serves as a hub for business operations, boasting a unique design, sophisticated interconnected communication systems, intricate slot booking mechanisms, and a tailored child progress tracking system.


1. Role-Specific Dashboards: Catering to kindergarten managers, school managers, teachers, experts, and main admins, the platform offers tailored dashboards to streamline role-specific operations.

2. Interconnected Communication Lines: A complex system of communication lines has been established, allowing seamless interaction between different user roles and dashboards.

3. Slot Booking System: The platform facilitates an intricate slot booking system, accommodating various membership types, thus enhancing accessibility and flexibility for users.

4. Customized Child Progress Tracking System: Employing custom JavaScript code, a unique child progress tracking system has been developed. This presents a custom design chart, offering a visually pleasing and effective tracking experience.

5. Administration Tools: The platform simplifies the administrative process for schools and kindergartens with functionalities for class scheduling, presence tracking, news feeds, chats, document generation, and online payments.

6. Mobile App: The mobile application empowers parents, kids, and teachers with on-the-go access. Parents can easily book time slots and monitor their child's progress across various areas, including communication, self-regulation, proactivity, cognitive functions, and interests.

To put it briefly, this project stands as an exemplar in providing a comprehensive, user-friendly, and innovative platform for managing educational institutions, fostering effective communication, and tracking student progress.

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