Palm Courts

Tennis and paddle booking app


We are delighted to introduce Palm Courts, a dedicated booking application developed for the tennis and padel community in Doha, Qatar. Designed to streamline the process of court and class reservations, this app caters to both individual and group sessions while offering an efficient online payment system.


1. Integrated Court & Class Booking: Users can conveniently book tennis and padel courts as well as individual or group classes. Our unique system ensures interconnected availability checks for courts and classes, guaranteeing a seamless booking experience. For instance, court bookings automatically consider class schedules to avoid overlaps, and coach bookings require an available court.

2. Private Coaches & Classes: Palm Courts enables users to reserve slots with private coaches for tennis and padel sessions. Coaches' availability is integrated within the system to ensure a smooth and conflict-free booking process.

3. Online Payments: The application comes with a secure online payment mechanism, providing users with a comprehensive and hassle-free booking journey.

4. Admin & Coach Dashboards: The administrative dashboard provides powerful tools for data editing, generating important statistics, and compiling revenue reports. Coaches also have their own accounts, enabling them to manage their schedules and bookings efficiently.

5. Sophisticated Design: The app's design received special attention, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface that enhances user experience.

To sum up, Palm Courts embodies a holistic solution for the tennis and padel community in Doha, offering a single platform to manage court bookings, coaching sessions, and much more with unparalleled ease.

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