App for construction project management


We're happy to introduce Docurus, an application developed to facilitate efficient workflow within construction companies. It is designed to streamline project management and foster effective communication between companies, their customers, and contractors.


1. Role-Based Access: The application offers three distinct roles – company manager, employee, and application administrator. Each role has specific access rights, ensuring a secure and organized workspace.

2. Project Management: Post authorization, users can access the "My Projects" section where multiple projects can run simultaneously. The company manager can invite employees to join the application, granting them access to work on these projects.

3. Automated Document Generation: Docurus can automatically generate and upload crucial project documents in PDF format, including:

  - Organization card

  - Project estimate

  - Advance account

  - Attachment to agreement

  - Certificate of completion

  - Account for payment under the act

4. Automatic Data Loading: The application also facilitates automatic loading of counterparty data by their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and banks by their Bank Identifier Code (BIC).

5. Admin Panel: An administrator can monitor and edit application data in the admin panel, ensuring effective management and oversight.

In a nutshell, Docurus is a comprehensive solution for construction companies looking to enhance their project management processes. It provides a powerful platform for effective coordination, document management, and efficient workflow.

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