Mobile app for dental services


Dento is an application designed to bridge the gap between dentists and patients, making dental care more accessible and efficient. This platform focuses on simplifying the exchange of medical documents, services, and payments in the field of dentistry.


1. Medical Document Exchange: Dento allows patients to upload essential documents such as dental X-rays and detailed descriptions of their dental issues. This feature facilitates better communication of the patient's condition to prospective dentists.

2. Treatment Offers: Upon uploading their dental information, patients receive treatment proposals from various dentists in their city. This feature provides patients with a range of options, helping them find the best suited dental care. 

3. Appointment Scheduling: Once a patient chooses a treatment proposal, they can book an appointment directly with the selected dentist. This seamless process eliminates the usual back-and-forth associated with appointment scheduling.

In summary, Dento is transforming dental care by streamlining the connection between patients and dentists. Its unique features and user-friendly interface significantly simplify the process of seeking and providing dental treatment.

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