Why no-code?

What on earth is no-code?

No-code is a method of programming that does not necessarily involve writing code but instead uses pre-built components. While traditional programming languages are optimized for machines, no-code platforms decouple programming syntax from logic and allow us to implement desired functionality through more intuitive visual interfaces. No-code is still programming, at a higher level of abstraction.

But... “No-code” doesn’t really mean no code

As a matter of fact, there is plenty of code involved behind the hood: thousands of lines of code written by developers who created the tool we use to produce the app. Thanks to them, now we don’t have to dive into the underlying complexity to make use of this power – instead we can focus on the core of the app to provide a better user experience for the future clients.

Why choose no-code?

Creating software with coding is slow and expensive.
No-code allows us to build your dream app in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development. What does it mean for you?

Get fast to market

Build MVP, test your idea, get early feedback, respond to users needs, quickly launch full-functional product, get to market, get customers, get investment... What would normally take months, now can be done in weeks or even days.

Reduce costs

Though working hours of no-code developers cost about the same as those of coding, no-code development requires less time, and you wouldn’t need to hire a huge team of coders – as a result, you can save thousands while bringing your project to life.

Stable and secure

Deployment & hosting are automatically taken care of on the cloud (AWS), and the main security features are built-in. The developers take what they need from predefined options, so your app will always be following the best security practices.

Iterate easily

Changes can be a real headache for sophisticated applications, while timely reaction on market feedback is often crucial. With no-code app you can be certain you'll be able to push necessary updates without delay with little or no maintenance.

"Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career."
"Before dreaming about the future or making plans, you need to articulate what you already have."
"Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look."
"By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by companies will use No Code and Low-Code technologies"
Gartner forecast

Meet Bubble.io

You have an app idea, but you are still trying to figure out what would be the right app builder for you? You can rest easy, because we will carefully study your project to recommend you the most appropriate tool. Apparently, if you need to build a web app, Bubble.io has the highest chance to become your best friend.

By now, Bubble is the most powerful no-code platform for creating digital products.

Full-stack functionality

Bubble lets you create interactive, multi-user apps, giving you control over both front-end and back-end. You manage your database and build all the workflow logic you need.

Pixel-perfect design

Bubble offers pixel-perfect and fully responsive design, providing you with absolute freedom to build the UI/UX you want: if you can visualize it, you can make it.

Completely extensible

Bubble has a robust collection of plugins that extend usual functionality. Another excellent option is connecting to a 3rd party app. Or you can even build a specific feature on your own!

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