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Here in EagleDev we believe that no-code developer is one of the most satisfying jobs in the world! Working on projects in small teams gives us a privilege to see immediate results of our efforts. Isn't it exiting when in your hands a raw idea transforms into a working app in just a couple of weeks?

If you share our core values and our attitude towards no-code development, you are welcome at EagleDev team!

Why work with us

What we have to offer

Learning path

You may be an experienced developer or almost newbie: we will meet you where you are. If you are just starting out, you will get our assistance while you study, and a supervised practice on simple (but real) projects when you are ready to try your hand. If you are an expert, we will provide you with the most challenging projects. You will be able to master new no-code tools and take advantage of mutual learning inside an ambitious team of developers.

Flexible schedule

Let work fit your lifestyle, rather then the reverse. With EagleDev you define your working hours and your timetable: you may prefer full-time or part time schedule, you can choose the days and times that suit you, and we select tasks that match.

And, of course, you can work from anywhere in the world!

Growing income

Our payment system is based on the output, and we care about your growth as a developer, so we provide next challenges for you to reach new heights.

You control how much you are ready to contribute and how fast you are willing to progress, thus you always know how much you'll get payed. While your skills evolve, your hourly rate is impressively rising.

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What are we looking for
  • Mastery in Bubble, or basic skills in Bubble and willingness to learn intensively
  • Working knowledge of other no-code platforms (especially FlutterFlow and Webflow) would be an advantage
  • Ability to solve problems with a systematic set of logical steps
  • Self-learning skills and proactive approach to new challenges
What are we looking for
  • User empathy and ability to understand how users view an app
  • Wireframing skills
  • Mastery in visual design
  • Working knowledge of Figma and Balsamiq
  • Collaboration skills and openness to feedback

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